Gaga Ball Pit Assembly Instructions

Gaga Ball Pit Assembly Instructions

Step 1: The Foundation

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Before you start assembling your Gaga Ball Pit, you will need to create a sturdy foundation for the pit. This can be done by using either a concrete slab or treated timbers. If using a concrete slab, be sure to level the area prior to pouring to ensure a level and secure base. If using treated timbers, place them evenly so that the Gaga Ball Pit will be level and sturdy. Once the foundation is set, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Measure and Cut the PVC Pipe

Once you have a sturdy foundation, you will need to measure and cut the PVC pipe to the desired size. The recommended size is 10’x10’, however, you can adjust the size to fit the size of your Gaga Ball Pit. Be sure to take safety precautions when measuring and cutting the PVC, such as wearing eye protection and gloves. After the PVC is cut to size, move on to the next step.

Step 3: Attach and Secure the Netting

Once the PVC pipe is securely cut to size, you will need to attach and secure the netting to the pipe. Depending on the type of Gaga Ball Pit you have, this can be done by using zip ties, rivets, or carabiners. Once the netting is attached and secured, you can move onto the next step.

Step 4: Add Soft Foam

Before adding the balls to the pit, you will need to add soft foam to the rim of the pit. This will prevent any injuries while playing. The foam should be cut to the size of the PVC pipe and then attached using strong adhesive or a product such as Gorilla Glue. Once the foam is securely in place, you can move onto the next step.

Step 5: Add the Balls

Once the foam is securely in place, you can add the balls. Depending on the size of the Gaga Ball Pit, anywhere from 20-50 plastic balls are recommended. Be sure to add the proper type of balls for the pit – soft or hard – and make sure they are the same size. Be sure the balls are evenly distributed in the pit before moving on.

Step 6: Play!

Once all the above steps are completed, you can now start playing Gaga Ball! Be sure to keep the pit clean and organized so that as many people can enjoy it as possible. Have fun!


Gaga Ball is an infinitely fun and entertaining game, and when the proper steps are taken to assemble a Gaga Ball Pit its entertaining-ness is multiplied! By following the above steps you can create a safe and secure environment for you and your friends to play in!


Gaga Ball Pit Assembly Instructions

Plan Your Pit’s Location & Measurement

When installing a Gaga Ball pit, measure the intended area before buying the desired materials. Doing so allows you to determine the exact dimensions of the pit based on your personal preference. Characteristics to consider before assembly include pit height, width and length. As well, determine the desired pit depth to ensure each player can adequately move throughout the entirety of the pit.

Gather Necessary Materials

Once the desired parameters are outlined, begin gathering materials. Generally, the most common materials used in Gaga Ball pit assembly are PVC pipes and wood. PVC pipes are typically used to line the outer edges of the pit and are connected using uncovered or covered elbows. Wood is used as the pit’s flooring, which provides cushion for each participant and also reduces the risk of slipping.

Divide Pit Into Sections

To divide the pit into sections, use the PVC piping as a guide. When specific sections are designated along the lining of the pit, the game of Gaga Ball can begin!

Surround Pit with Cushion Materials

In order to further enhance player safety, pit cushions are recommended. These materials are meant to provide more cushion and reduce the risk of bone or joint injuries due to physical contact with a fixed object.

Enjoy Your Pit

Once all desired materials have been assembled, the ga ga ball pit is ready. Whether playing with friends, family or partaking in general physical activity, ga ga ball pits provide enduring fun and excitement.





Gaga Ball Pit Assembly Instructions


  • Gaga Ball Pit (pre-assembled)
  • Tarp
  • Packing tape
  • Form-fitting rope

Steps for Assembly

Step One

Place the Gaga ball pit out in an open area that is level and soft. Make sure that the area is free from any sharp objects as these can puncture the material of the pit.

Step Two

Lay the tarp provided over the Gaga Ball Pit. The tarp will help to keep the material from becoming worn and help to keep the ball pit clean.

Step Three

Secure the tarp to the pit by placing packing tape along the bottom portion of the material. Make sure the tape is secure and that the pit is fully covered.

Step Four

Use form-fitting rope to secure the open end of the tarp to the edges of the pit. This will keep the tarp from slipping and ensure that the ball pit stays secure.

Step Five

Fill the pit up with Gaga balls. Make sure there is enough room in the pit for the balls to move around and for players to move freely.


Now your Gaga Ball Pit is ready for use! Have fun, and stay safe!


Gaga Ball Pit Assembly Instructions

What You’ll Need


• Phillips head screwdriver
• Measuring tape
• Hammer


• 8 long pieces of wood, 4” wide and 10’ long
• 2 short pieces of wood, 4″ wide and 4’ long
• 16 short screws
• 8 long screws
• 4 fence posts, 8’ long
• Fence post brackets
• Level
• Nylon stakes
• Sand

Step One: Lay Out and Secure the Wood

Position the 8 long pieces of wood in a circle, with the ends of the wood overlapping to form a connected circle. Make sure the circle is level and use a measuring tape and square to ensure the wood is placed symmetrically and equally apart. Once the wood is placed where you want it, use the long screws to secure the pieces together.

Step Two: Lay Out the Fence Posts

Position one fence post at each of the four corners of the circular wood border. Make sure each post is level and measure the distance between posts at each corner with a measuring tape to ensure consistency. Make sure the posts are facing outwards from the center of the circle towards the perimeter. Secure each post with the fence post brackets.

Step Three: Secure the Short Pieces of Wood

Use the short pieces of wood to form four “sections” in the Gaga Ball Pit. Secure the short pieces of wood against the fence posts in the same direction as the long pieces of wood, overlapping the posts to create four alternating sections. Use the short screws to secure the wood to the fence posts.

Step Four: Add the Sand

Once the wood is secured to the fence posts, use a measuring tape to measure out the sand, adding four equal sections of sand to each of the four alternating sections of the Gaga Ball Pit. Use a level to create an even and level surface for the sand.

Step Five: Secure the Nylon Stakes

Finally, use the hammer to pound the nylon stakes into the dirt, ensuring they are level and secure. These stakes will serve as an anchor for the Gaga Ball Pit and will help keep it secure during play.


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Gaga Ball Pit Assembly Instructions

Step 1: Choose an Appropriate Location

Choose a location for your gaga ball pit that allows ample space for players to move around. It’s important to make sure that the area is clear of hazards that might impede play such as rocks and sticks that could lead to an injury.

Step 2: Lay Out the Pit

Lay out the appropriate size tarp or mat according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will provide a regimented area so that play remains within the limitations of the size of the pit.

Step 3: Set Up the Wall

Using the appropriate fasteners and posts, lay out the four supporting posts that will become the perimeter of the pit. Once the posts are in position, attach the wall to the posts securely.

Step 4: Install the Flooring

Choose your desired flooring type such as wood, foam mats, or netting and attach it to the frame and the side walls of the pit. Make sure that it is secured tightly to prevent injuries.

Step 5: Add Balls to the Pit

Choose from a variety of ball choices and, depending on the size of the pit, fill it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure to account for the age of players and the size of the pit when filling it with balls.

Step 6: Make Final Adjustments

Check all fasteners and flooring to ensure that everything is securely in place. Adjust posts and walls to specifications and notify users of any rules or regulations before play.


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